Information on affordable vehicle appraisal and inventory management


How to Start a Car Dealership

Starting a used car dealership comes with a list of questions. We have answers....

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Improve Dealer Used Car Profilt Margins with these Strategies

Looking for ways to weather used car sales market volatility? Explore these solid profit strategies....

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Improve Your Dealership's SEO (Updated)

Take advantage of current technology, and get your dealership search ranked higher....

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Can The Pareto Principle Improve your dealership? (Updated)

Sometimes, it can seem overwhelming when you are trying to micromanage every single small detail along the way....

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CARFAX® vs AutoCheck® Comparison (Updated)

The history of a vehicle plays a major role in its adjusted market value....

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A Simple Explanation of Market Days Supply (Updated)

The latest automotive industry buzzword, Market Days Supply (MDS), is a calculation derived by dividing your currently available supply of inventory by your average daily retail sales rate over the past 45 days....

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Black Book vs Kelley Blue Book vs J.D. Power Guides (Updated)

Who is the best used car pricing guide book?...

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Laser Appraiser vs. Carbly (Updated)

Carbly may look new and fresh, but a very direct comparison reveals what doesn’t meet the eye....

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How Car Dealerships Profit in Wholesale and Retail?

Discover the ways dealerships can win in the wholesale and retail used car market with these helpful tips!...

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Using Facebook Ads for Car Dealership Marketing

Discover why using Facebook Ads for car dealership marketing is such an effective tool for customer acquisition and retention!...

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How Dealers Can Navigate a Hot Used Vehicle Market in 2021

Discover how to navigate your car dealership through a sizzling used vehicle market to put the right inventory on your car lot!...

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Dealer Guide for Customers Buying a Car as a Gift

A free guide for helping your new and used car dealership navigate customers through the process of buying a car as a gift!...

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What to Expect for the Used Vehicle Market in 2021

No one can predict the future with certainty – the events of this last year alone demonstrate that very clearly. However, by analyzing trends and data from the past, this article offers advice for how

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Automotive Marketing Trends Through COVID and Beyond

Keeping a finger on the pulse of the automotive market is essential, especially in transformative times. Automotive marketing trends are evolving....

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4 Tips for Improving Turn Rate

Any automotive dealer knows that bringing cars onto the lot is a hundred times easier than moving cars off of it. Especially in the year 2020, it is important to make sure that inventory doesn’t

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What Customers Consider Purchasing an SUV

Running a car dealership is all about being able to accurately gauge what its customer base wants and needs as soon as they step foot on the premises. Looking at the recent sales statistics in

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How the ZIP Code can Help Auto Dealerships

The zip code was first invented to help make the US Postal Service more accurate and efficient in delivering mail, but it can also be revolutionary for online marketing....

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Coronavirus and Automotive Dealerships [UPDATED]

This article will address some of the frequently asked questions regarding how dealerships could be affected by the coronavirus, and give some tips for how to potentially navigate the circumstances....

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GigglePop and LaneChamp are discontinuing services

Unfortunately, GigglePop has discontinued its guidebook services and has reached out to Laser Appraiser to help transition customers to an alternative service provider....

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Evolution of Barcodes: Beyond Barcodes

Take a look at the future of barcode technology, including alternatives in automatic identification and data capture (AIDC)....

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