Frequently Asked Questions

Download and install Laser Appraiser from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store After starting the app, press the History button and complete the registration form with a Promo Code of "REDO". Our techs will then connect your account to the new phone!

Laser Appraiser is highly tuned to provide the highest quality data within a minimal time period. If this is contrary to your experience, the most likely cause may by a slow Internet connection. A mobile device connects to the Intenet using a local WiFi connection or the cellular data network. If one is not performing acceptably, we suggest disabling the poorest performer and connecting to the other.


If the results are still unacceptable, our next best suggestion is to put your mobile device into Airplane Mode, and then back out. If this does not help, restart your device.


If results at this point are still poor, your location or device may be at fault. Explore those possibilities.