The Dealer Management Software You’ve Been Missing

The used car market is more competitive than ever before—so it’s even harder for smaller, independent car dealerships to stay ahead of the competition. The Laser Appraiser Dealer Studio dealership management system can help. It delivers critical live market data, providing you real-time updates on your used car dealership’s network of PC or Mac desktops.

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How the Dealer Studio Dealership Management System Helps

Dealer Studio is a game-changer for smaller dealerships who need to level-up.

Save time

This used car dealer software levels the playing field so you can focus less on operational tasks and more on taking care of your customers and employees. This convenient desktop wholesale auto dealer software keeps your hands free while providing your sales team with all the used car prices and relevant vehicle market data they need to drive sales and profit with a competitive edge.

Compete at a higher level

Laser Appraiser Dealer Studio enables even the smallest, independent dealerships to wholesale cars for retail profit in the most competitive markets. Discover the right cars and price them for the quickest turnover with the steepest profit, time after time.

Maximize Value

No need to spend oodles on fancy, big-name dealership management systems. The Laser Appraiser Dealer Studio is, hands-down, the most affordable, convenient and complete automotive VIN valuation, vehicle appraisal and car inventory management solution available.

How Our Dealership Management System is Different

See how Laser Appraiser Dealer Studio works—and what makes it better than other systems.



Navigate run lists, build appraisals, track inventory, and much more with resources from leading automotive auctions and industry knowledge providers. In-lane and online auction run lists and data partner calculations are built right into the Laser Appraiser Dealer Studio dealership management software. Laser Appraiser combines everything you need to manage your dealership’s inventory in an easy-to-use car appraisal tool for mobile devices and desktops.

Smarter, Precision Inventory Planning for Your Used Vehicle Lot

Use the Market Spy feature of our dealer management system to maintain the right mix for peak profitability

If you want to maximize profit margin, you can’t just have a lot full of random used cars. It’s time to plan your vehicle inventory better using current market trends—and chances are, your top competitors are already doing just that. But finding the right cars that will move quickly in your market is easier said than done.

Gain the advantage, plan smarter purchases and prepare a solid inventory strategy using insights from the Laser Appraiser Dealer Studio's Market Spy. These guides utilize live market information to create a list of the top and bottom selling vehicles in a geographical area. So you’ll know which cars are trending—and the clunkers to avoid—with Market Spy.

With this state-of-the-art dealer management system at your fingertips, you’ll attract more prospects, keep buyers on the lot longer and ultimately close more sales.

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Buy Used Cars With Confidence

Buy efficiently, thanks to our VIN Scanner and Dealer Studio dealership management system!

The Laser Appraiser Dealer Studio is tightly integrated with the Laser Appraiser Laser Appraiser VIN Scanner for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets—the best auto appraisal application and price adviser in the auction lanes.

Its fast VIN scanner and accurate pre-sales inventory auction access keeps buyers ahead of the competition and on top of the best deals across all auction inventory, active auctions or pre-sale. Market Spy insights and Laser Appraiser VIN Scanner auction access provides instantly available vehicle history reports, including CARFAX and Experian AutoCheck, so you’ll have more confidence when buying.

In today's competitive market, using the right used auto dealership auction pricing software can be the difference between winning big on your inventory or falling behind the competition.

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Valuate Automobiles With More Precision

This dealership management system helps you go undercover to price cars perfectly

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to used car valuations. Every little detail matters. One of the biggest errors small used car dealerships make is overlooking a specific vehicle feature when setting the price.

Have you ever sold a car so fast that you kept wondering if you made a mistake setting the price? It happens to all of us! That’s why we made a complete vehicle valuation software solution that factors in every single detail before calculating the used car value by VIN automatically for you. It even pulls all the vehicle specs by VIN, down to the chassis. If you want to maximize your profit margin, this vehicle valuation tool will leave no stone unturned.

The Laser Appraiser Dealer Studio's Deep Valuator applies best-match algorithms, to valuate inventory automobiles not just by VIN or trim, but by deeper attributes such as equipment, color, features and more. The deep insights from Dealer Studio's Retail Market View display real-time prices of identically equipped used vehicles in your market.

With live data at your fingertips, you’ll always be in a position to stay ahead of competitor pricing from the comfort of your own desk! That’s the power of using the right dealer management system.

You’ll stay abreast of up-to-the-minute competitor pricing and exactly what each vehicle is worth in your market with Laser Appraiser!

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List and Price Used Cars Confidently

Sell more used cars for more profit with this dealer management system

Retail pricing confidence can beat the competition when you have access to the right auto appraisal software. In fact, the perfect used car pricing is the real sweet spot when it comes to your dealership’s profit margin. Combining an advanced analytical strategy with live used auto market data enables your dealership to reach the largest profit margin possible while still being the best deal around!

Streamline your competitive pricing, time in inventory, and profit margin strategies with the Laser Appraiser's Smart Calc car value calculator. Smart Calc pinpoints optimal pricing across all relevant market variables and is included with the Laser Appraiser dealer management system.

This used car appraisal tool gives your dealership the in-depth data necessary to provide car buyers with the most attractive offers in your market without sacrificing profit potential. You will watch traffic and sales soar while keeping your inventory full of vehicles you know will sell.

Use this powerful auto valuation tool to immediately calculate the effects of target changes in automotive appraisal amounts, profit objectives, price rankings, and real-time market positions. Exceed expectations on every sale and used car trade-in using the bullseye precision of our VIN appraisal software.

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Pinpoint Vehicle Prices To Maximize ROI

Calibrate your ROI and adjust to the market with the Laser Appraiser dealership management system

Use the Laser Appraiser Dealer Studio Market Calibration feature to give your pricing strategy and turnover a tune-up. Market Calibration provides quick and easy visualization to instantly understand market days' supply (MDS) and how your cars measure up to identically equipped used vehicles currently for sale in your market.

Its comprehensive scatter plot representation compares your vehicle to the current market by list price, adjusted price, average price and mileage. Utilize its simple-to-use interactive analysis tools to zoom in and out compare data, or to save and share.

It’s time to take your vehicle valuation services to the next level by giving your sales team a VIN scanner for cars that makes their jobs easier. Most importantly, you’ll see the ROI fast.

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The Industry’s Best Support and Pricing

You won’t find better value and service in any other dealership management system

At Laser Appraiser, we’re known for some of the most responsive support in the industry. From questions and issues to feature suggestions, we're ready to respond to your needs. Better yet, our customers quickly see the value in our dealer management software.

You’ll get powerful features and tools for a fraction of the cost of other solutions. Plus, there are absolutely no hidden costs—what you see is everything you get for one low price.

Since 2004, the Laser Appraiser has provided convenient, synchronized access to pricing guides, market reports, and auction insights from all major vehicle market resources, whether at the office or on your favorite mobile device.

Consistently Exit Auto Investments Profitably

Join the hundreds of small independent dealers benefiting from one of the most cost-efficient dealer management systems on the market

At the end of the day, you get paid on what you sell. But the life cycle of flipping a used car through a dealership can be a bumpy road. Customer demands—not to mention economic times, weather, seasons, and trends—can be unstable and unpredictable.

Using the right strategies, and the power of the advanced, comprehensive appraisal and valuation tools of the Laser Appraiser Dealer Studio, you will maximize your profits and return on investment for the long haul.

Streamline every step of the process from performing an instant car appraisal by VIN to exiting your auto investment profitably. Laser Appraiser provides your dealership with the tools you need to succeed. Join our network and let’s work together to exit profitably!

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