Adesa® auctions will no longer sell run lists to Laser Appraiser. We apologize for the inconvenience. If your favorite Adesa auction is missing, please contact Adesa with your concerns or your local Adesa auction house to ask them to participate in the Auction Edge Pipeline.

Used Vehicle Appraisal, VIN Valuation, and Automotive Inventory Management.

Laser Appraiser is the most comprehensive and affordable VIN valuation, auto appraisal, and car inventory management solution, delivering best selling cars and live market data from the most trusted sources in the automotive industry to your mobile device or desktop.

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Laser Appraiser Introduction

Never enter app credentials again... Laser Appraiser will recognize your mobile device!

Laser Appraiser has No hidden costs... we don't give away one feature just to mark-up another. We appreciate transparency, which is what we ALWAYS offer you!

Laser Appraiser is the original "wholesale to retail" car dealership tool for vehicle appraisal and automotive valuation. Others may come and go... but like your dealership, we remain nimble, transparent, and focused on supporting our customers. That's YOU!

Since 2004, the Laser Appraiser VIN Scanner and Laser Appraiser Desktop have provided convenient, synchronized access to pricing guides, market reports, and auction insights from all major vehicle market resources, whether at the office or on your favorite mobile device. Come experience why!

Laser Appraiser Features

VIN Scanning

The fastest, most reliable mobile-friendly VIN scanner for iPhone and Androids

Cross Platform

Mobile | Desktop | Tablet

Cross-platform booking, sourcing, management, and retailing

App Integration

Seamless connectivity to CARFAX VIN Check, AutoCheck, NADA Guide, Manheim, and others for single tool integration

Trim Level Decoding

Car value comparisons with like year, make, model, AND trims for a more accurate market pulse

Vehicle History Reports

Free integration and access to the industry's most reliable and accurate vehicle history reports 

Run Lists | Post Sale

Direct access to the most auto auctions (including online auto auctions) and their runlists, market guides, and post sale reports

Share Appraisals

Simple sharing of your market-driven vehicle valuations and appraisals across platforms, devices, and users

Multi-User Accounts

Corporate, dealer, and store level access for deeper sales management oversight

Trending Analysis

Market intelligence and trends using inventory and sales data gathered from over 40,000 automotive dealers helps you view your market like a car shopper

Laser Appraiser Integrated Partners

manheim dealer auction
cars com vhr
black book value
black book
nada guide
nada black book
kelley blue book
kelly blue book
galves auto guide
galves mobile
carfax vin
carfax value
autocheck dealer login

Build appraisals and track inventory values with resources from leading automotive industry knowledge providers.

Laser Appraiser Auction Run Lists

manheim auto auction
auction edge

Laser Appraiser Inventory Management

dealer track aax login
first look inventory

Laser Appraiser Appraisal Tool


Find Inventory and quickly search online auction run lists in seconds! Laser Appraiser partners with the biggest auction providers in the industry to put vehicle lanes and valuations at your fingertips when you need it.

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Laser Appraiser "My Market Pricing" provides a snapshot pricing view of competitor's vehicles, providing a competitive advantage when appraising, purchasing, and pricing dealership inventory.


Laser Appraiser not only works on smartphones and tablets, but also your computer desktop. Actions performed on your smart device immediately sync with the Laser Appraiser Desktop

Laser Appraiser VIN Scanner fully synchronizes with
Laser Appraiser Desktop for FREE!


Get the world’s fastest iPhone and Android VIN scanner – with NO monthly contract!

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CHOOSE data providers

Select any combination of data feeds from our well-known, industry-standard data providers, empowering you to make educated, timely decisions from any location.

We are proud to be partners with Manheim Market Report, Auction Edge Pipeline, Kelley Blue Book, Black Book, NADA Official Used Car Guide, Galves Market Data, CARFAX Vehicle History Reports, Experian AutoCheck Vehicle History Reports, and My Market Pricing powered by Cars.Com.

SCAN a vehicle barcode

Our superior VIN scanning algorithms allow you to quickly and easily scan vehicle barcodes such as those located in the door jamb, driver-side dashboard, or beneath the windshield.

What our customers say

Michael Mansour

Car Connection Superstore

"A powerful tool for in lane pre-purchase vehicle appraisal. Laser Appraiser offers you the key information suited for your personal business profile to make better choices during the buying process."

Michael R. Blear

Frontline Motors Inc.

"Great app for our phones. Great info when you need it.Priced right on a monthly basis."

Travis Lanier

Southern Cars

"I have had great service from Laser Appraiser for 7 years and highly recommend them to every dealer"

Gaye Gibson

Rainbow Motors Kingsport TN

"Great company, we love our Laser Appraiser phone app."

Thomas Daughtery

Strawberry Road Auto

"I am a small independent dealer for 27 years in the same location who has to mind his operating expenses closely. I am resistant to change or new products. I almost never change the way I do things…"

Lee French

Wild Lee's Auto Sales LLC

"The app is just what I need. Works great with my caps program and the run list helps out a lot when cars are coming through lanes."

Sherzad Israllov

Auto House LLC

"The reason I moved from Autoniq is your better application and better service. I really appreciate you explaining to me how the system works. I will definitely recommend my friends/ dealers to go…"

Josh Evans

Evans Auto Exchange

"I recently began using Laser Appraiser and I am very pleased so far. Scanning bar codes are easier than the other app I was using, and the information I need is easily navigated. The best thing most…"

Michael Aholt

MM Motors, LLC

"In short we found Carbly’s data sources and values to be extremely over-inflated OR under-inflated. There was heavy reliance on Blackbook along with Mannheim auction data and those two sources…"

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