In the modern economy, automotive retailing trends are constantly changing. That’s why it makes sense to streamline wholesaling and your auction run lists to work smarter, not harder. Laser Appraiser’s used auto dealership auction pricing software does the heavy lifting for you by bringing live online auction and valuation data to your dealership.

Even small and independent car dealerships can enjoy access to wholesale automotive industry solutions at a fraction of the cost. Laser Appraiser online auction run lists supplement our trusted and proven in-lane run lists. The best part is, all of our dealer appraisal software subscription plans include the auto auction run list feature for no additional charge.

Supplement your lot with great deals from all major automotive auction houses. Laser Appraiser Auction tool makes finding your next deal easy. Search upcoming automotive auction sales, research vehicles, create favorites and more. We gather inventory from both online and in-person auctions so you can search for and acquire the inventory you're looking for.


The used car market is seeing continuous, unprecedented activity, which makes it more important than ever to always stay one step ahead of your competition, especially if you are a small or independent dealership. All the big dealership networks are already looking for the best used cars to display on their lot.

If you want to stay ahead, you need to streamline your auto dealer inventory management software by finding gems within your auction run lists.

Our advanced run list search functionality allows used car dealers and wholesalers to locate auction vehicles across multiple auction providers. You can even locate online auctions when lanes are closed or inconvenient. Or simply plan ahead by viewing the in-lane run lists for future dates.

When the action heats up at an auction, drill down to the specific lanes. Looking for a specific vehicle? Filtering by specific car lets you zero in and easily locate and valuate your next purchase.

We know you don’t have time to waste so we make it extremely easy for you to find exactly what you’re looking for. Give it a try and you will see how no other car auction apps or software come close to the precision of the Laser Appraiser Auction tool.


Laser Appraiser auction run lists provide detailed online and in-lane results based on your search preferences. Scroll through the list of vehicles available at auction and easily navigate to other sale dates, lanes, and runs. The auction grades and original listing links offer additional information to boost your confidence. Quick-tap a listed vehicle to book out or view vehicle details without having to scan each individual VIN.

The old days of scrambling for used car valuation values by VIN during a live auction are over. You’ll never have to scramble for information while you are trying to calculate the top dollar you are willing to pay while buying cars at dealer auctions ever again.

Get all the automotive appraisal data you need plus access to real-time automotive auction run lists in one place, on the screen right in front of you. That’s the power of the Laser Appraiser Auction tool. The future looks more profitable.


Before the gavel strikes, you need to find out as much as you can about a vehicle and there usually isn’t much time. Doesn’t it make sense to use a car dealership auction pricing software app that provides everything you could possibly need to know at your fingertips? Time is Money; save both with single click access to all the information you need

View live-market pricing, book values, vehicle history reports and more. Each vehicle you view is added to your research history for simple recall. For purchases, easily add to dealer inventory, continue navigating the Lane and Run, or search for the same vehicle at other auctions. Laser Appraiser Auction tool makes it simple.

No more fumbling for a car value calculator while trying to manage multiple open tabs just to double check your auto valuation before deciding. It’s already done for you so you can focus on your inventory without sacrificing your bottom line.

Making decisions on the fly is a part of business but making the right call can be a game changer when it comes to seeing your average used car profit margin increase. Get everything you need to succeed from a car appraisal tool to auto auction run list access in one place. Use the Laser Appraiser Auction tool to see what’s coming down the lane before the competition does.


Discover how to buy cars at a dealer auto auction the easy way. Get the automotive auction pricing software that’s convenient and compatible with the operating system you are already using at your dealership.

Laser Appraiser auction run lists and valuation data can be used on a mobile device or desktop computer. The Laser Appraiser Dealer Studio or Laser Appraiser Mobile app for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets delivers the most accurate and frequently updated Lane/Run vehicle lists.

From a mouse to a smartphone and everything in-between, Laser Appraiser puts the most comprehensive used car auction software in the palm of your hands. Try the Laser Appraiser Software Suite for free to see how it can take your dealership to the next level.