About Laser Appraiser

There was a time that car dealers and wholesale auto buyers were unable to get timely data required for making highly informed automotive purchasing decisions, especially during a rapid-paced auto auction. As buyers flipped through books, and looked at each other, losses were plentiful and painful...

Thankfully, in 2004 the founders of Laser Appraiser recognized the industry need and built a solution. Their tool promised to deliver the major appraisal guidebooks and vehicle history to a mobile platform, providing accurate and inclusive vehicle appraisal and valuation into the hands of auto buyers and purchasing decision makers within seconds.

Today, Laser Appraiser is the most comprehensive and affordable vehicle appraisal and automobile valuation solution available. The powerful Laser Appraiser Mobile for iPhone and Android delivers car dealers mobile purchasing efficiency and simplicity. On the desktop, the powerful Laser Appraiser Dealer Studio brings big data and statistical analysis to dealer purchases, providing insight on when to buy, where to price, and when to sell each vehicle acquisition. Live auto auction integration from the most popular providers enables early-access to the run numbers and lanes containing the best deals.

Whether at a desk, the auto auction, or on the car lot, Laser Appraiser delivers LIVE, REAL-TIME data from the most trusted appraisal sources in the automotive industry. We've negotiated the best rates from our data partners so that we may pass along the savings to our customers through our affordable pricing. 

Moving forward, Laser Appraiser is committed to being simple yet effective and affordable. Our personalized sales and support staff, located in Georgia, USA, emphasizes our commitment to our customers. FIND vehicles, APPRAISE them, and VALUATE them based on your local marketplace.  Get started with Laser Appraiser Today!  

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