VIN Scanner

Properly managing dealership used vehicle inventory is vital to keeping ahead of the pack in the pre-owned vehicle market. The last thing you can afford to do is waste valuable time and resources on stale inventory. To keep your used car dealership lot full of winners, you need to integrate cutting-edge automotive appraisal solutions into your playbook. This not only keeps buyers lining up, it also ensures your inventory is fresh and relevant to current market trends.

The Laser Appraiser mobile application vehicle appraisal and valuation tool delivers live, critical valuation and auction data into the hands of your mobile workforce on their Google Android or Apple iOS smartphones and tablets. This automotive auction pricing software provides an affordable, industrial-strength VIN scanning and data precision tool to help small and independent car dealerships compete against larger competition.

To beat competition with deep pockets, you have to stay one step ahead to get the best inventory on your lot without sacrificing your bottom line. That’s the kind of power you wield with the right used car dealer software at your fingertips. Discover the best cars at the lowest prices for maximum profit and rapid turnover with the Laser Appraiser VIN Scanner app!


Navigate run lists, build appraisals, track inventory, and much more with resources from leading automotive auctions and automotive industry knowledge providers. In-lane and online auction run lists and data partner calculations are built right into the Laser Appraiser VIN Scanner mobile app.


Powered by an intuitive barcode reader, Laser Appraiser’s Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN Scanner for cars is tuned to provide fast and reliable barcode scanning or text reading using the Laser Appraiser App for your workforce smartphones and tablets.

The Laser Appraiser mobile app now use advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to automatically find automobile VIN numbers within large patterns of text, instantly. You can easily pull VINs right out of printed paper, emails, texts, and more thanks to this superior barcode reader with laser precision.

Damaged codes; Challenging light; Harsh environments; No problem for the incredible Laser Appraiser advanced VIN scanner. Laser Appraiser puts the pedal to the metal, leaving your competition in the dust!

Scan Faster... just point your device to another screen, a piece of paper, an automotive VIN plate or barcode, or even legible handwriting, and Laser Appraiser will automatically read the VIN.

Save more time with accurate results on the spot using Laser Appraiser auto dealer inventory management software!


Give your dealership the ability to check car value by VIN including access to detailed market reports and important history regarding that specific make and model on the fly.

The Laser Appraiser Mobile app for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets grants instant access to expert Pricing Guides, trusted Market Reports, and detailed Vehicle Histories at your fingertips anywhere, at any time.

Laser Appraiser combines the very best features of these dedicated, single-use apps into an all-in-one mobile wholesale automotive industry solution for building the complete picture of each vehicle profile.

Pinpoint Profitable Value Anywhere with Laser Appraiser Precision!


Covering auctions nationwide, Laser Appraiser gives you the most accurate and frequently updated Auction Run Lists available. Always be in the best lane to find the perfect inventory match that will resonate with your hometown buyers by using Laser Appraiser’s car dealership auction pricing software.

Buy quick; Buy right; Buy anywhere. That’s the power of Laser Appraiser precision for your bottom line.

Enjoy Big Auction Savings - Know the bargains and where to find them before your competitors with Laser Appraiser. Don’t let off the gas when you already know how to win!


Bargain inventory leads to sales, which creates more profit. It’s really that simple.

The mobile Laser Appraiser VIN Scanner valuation app maximizes ROI while simultaneously building your store inventory with integration support into market-leading Inventory Management Systems.

Whether it is Laser Appraiser Dealer Studio, First Look, or Dealer Track, Laser Appraiser helps you find the best deals before they become your inventory while maximizing efficiencies after. Let Laser Appraiser sweat the small stuff keeping your lot full of cars, trucks, and SUVs with the most active buyers.

Why not take this free used car dealer software trial for a test drive at your dealership? It’s time to stop spinning your wheels and gain some more market traction with Laser Appraiser.

Discover How to Build and Exit Your Inventory Profitably with Laser Appraiser.