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Black Book values help your car dealership increase profit while reducing your risk. As an independent wholesale and retail automotive appraisal pricing guide, Black Book partners with Laser Appraiser to take the guesswork out of used car valuations. Black Book is the first in the industry to provide History Adjusted Valuation using the best analytics on the market. These values are based on AutoCheck® history reports.

If you have ever had trouble decoding a VIN down to a single trim level, Black Book’s “Enhanced Vehicle Matching” is the industry leader in trim decoding. Black Book vehicle values deliver intelligent data to provide you with the most accurate auto valuations possible in the current used car market environment.

By combining historical, current, and residual used car values, Black Book is one of the most trustworthy vehicle valuation data solutions available for pinpointing precise used car prices. With the Black Book and Laser Appraiser partnership, you’ll be able to forecast your average used car profit margin using actionable insights, precise data, and advanced analytics.

Black Book Analytical Data Laser Appraiser Provides:

  • Black Book Wholesale and Retail Value
  • Black Book Trade-In Value
  • Black Book History Adjusted Value (As seen with Black Book Cherry)
  • Black Book Finance Advance Value
  • Black Book Optional Equipment Additions and Deductions
  • Black Book Value Adjustments for Mileage, Region, Optional Equipment

Combine the Black Book data you count on with the easy-to-use Laser Appraiser VIN Scanner for a powerful dealership tool set.

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Trusted Black Book Data

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Vehicle Options

It is important to know specific vehicle options when calculating the value of any used car for the purpose of buying wholesale or selling retail. Use the vehicle option selection feature to make sure you have the correct used car value calculation for each addition or deduction based on the options for that specific vehicle.

Desktop Synchronization

The Laser Appraiser Black Book car valuation calculator automatically syncs adjustments across platforms including the Dealer Studio desktop.

Automotive Valuation Partners

Laser Appraiser Combines Book Values Like Black Book In One Convenient
App For A Complete Auto Valuation Snapshot

Save time by appraising vehicles quickly and accurately by using a single vehicle valuation tool. Laser Appraiser car dealer management software partners with major automotive industry leaders to provide you with all the book values you need in a single app.

Use this invaluable Black Book vehicle valuation guide data to forecast your margin with reliable accuracy before buying wholesale or negotiating sales. Use the power of information at your fingertips to see a stronger bottom line on each used car sale you make so you never leave money on the table again.


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Cross Platform

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Laser Appraiser Partner Integration

Book Values

Seamless connectivity to Kelley Blue Book, J.D. Power, Manheim, Black Book, Galves, and others for single tool integration

Laser Appraiser Trim Level Decoding

Trim Level Decoding

Car value comparisons with like year, make, model, AND trims for a more accurate Retail Market View

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Free CARFAX integration... Free AutoCheck integration... access to the industry's most reliable and accurate vehicle history reports

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Market intelligence and trends using inventory and sales data gathered from over 53,000 automotive dealers helps you view your market like a car shopper

Black Book and Laser Appraiser Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common questions people ask...

Black Book FAQ

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