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Improve Your Dealership's SEO

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a phrase that can intimidate most everyone. We all use search engines like Google or Bing daily, but it’s unclear how they work. However, search engine optimization can make or break a dealership, and it’s not as complex as you might think. Even though your products aren’t online, your potential customers are. Why not take advantage of current technology, and make sure that you have a leg up on the competition by getting your dealership seen?

In recent times, car buyers are starting their search online. According to Google, 95% of new vehicle buyers have done research online, and a large majority of that research is on dealership websites. The average buyer can make up to 140 Google searches during this process. If your dealership fails to appear in those results, then you are missing out on endless opportunities for buyers to peruse your online inventory and potentially purchase from your dealership. Here are some easy tricks that your dealership can do to appear higher on search engine results.

  • Focus on your niche. These days, there are a multitude of dealership options for buyers, especially with the Internet. With the competition being so fierce, you should think about how your business stands out from the rest. Niches can include things like specialized inventory, certain kinds of customers, or other themes such as providing specific services to customers.

Once you determine what you want your customers and the search engines to associate with your dealership’s branding, it’s time to ensure that you are one of the first results on Google under this niche. One way to do this is to create a dedicated page on your dealership’s website. For example, if your dealership has flexible financing options for customers, create a page around the deals and contracts that you offer. Buyers will love to see details, and the search engine will notice the real-estate that you gave to “flexible financing” on your site, and will bump you up on the search engine results.

  • Focus on your community. Most dealerships know the worth of targeting their local community, whether it be through radio ads or giving to local charities. Partnering with the local community is both financially rewarding, but also personally rewarding. Making space on your dealership’s website to advertise your community involvement is a great way to appear in the search results of your community. Write about the softball team you are sponsoring, share videos of the local fundraiser on your website – search engines value written and multimedia content more than they do social media, so making space on your site will help your dealership appear in a wider range of searches than ever before. This is the search engine equivalent to casting a wider net while fishing.
  • Say what makes your dealership unique. In the same vein as the two previous recommendations, the little details that can make the biggest difference when it comes to search engine results. Does your dealership have bilingual staff? Services like this should be proudly displayed on your dealership’s website so that buyers and search engines alike recognize these aspects of your dealership. Better yet, make a whole page on your site dedicated to its special offerings – the more real estate it takes up on your site, the more likely a search engine is to recognize the information and give you the most coveted spots on the results page.
  • DON’T use images for important details. Or rather, make sure there is text, as well! Google cannot recognize images, so your dealership can slip through the metaphorical cracks if you don’t add the same information in text. A cute image advertising that “Se Habla Español” is cute and certainly helpful to customers, but only if they can find your dealership online in the first place! You can keep these images, but make sure that same sentence is located in text on your website, too, so that Google can bump you up in the results for buyers who are looking for a dealership that can communicate in Spanish.
  • Include testimonials and reviews. Search engines want to show the best results to their users. The easiest way to get your dealership seen is to prove that you are indeed the best result. Customers trust other customers, so why not dedicate more space on your site for their voices to be heard? And because customers trust each other, so do search engines. Dealerships with more reviews are most definitely prioritized.

These are some easy tips for improving your dealership’s website and making sure that your voice stands out when buyers are researching online. The more visible you are, the more likely it is that customers will see your dealership and make a purchase. Nowadays, digital presence is important, so use these tricks to put your best foot forward.

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