Car Appraisal App for Dealers

The Laser Appraiser car VIN scanner app delivers a mobile vehicle appraisal and valuation tool, with live, critical auction and valuation data, into the hands of automotive dealers and wholesalers on their Google Android and Apple iOS smartphones and tablets. Reading a car's vehicle identification number, or VIN, this VIN solution provides fast, industrial-strength VIN barcode and text scanning, delivers the best smart device automotive data precision tools to even the smallest, independent dealerships for competing against their largest competition.

Discover the best VIN scanner to find the best cars at the best prices for maximum profit and rapid turnover.


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Build appraisals and track inventory values with resources from leading automotive industry knowledge providers.

Scan VINs Faster

Powered by an industrial-strength, enterprise-grade barcode reader, our Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN Scanner is tuned to provide fast and reliable barcode and text reading using our free app for smartphones and tablets. Laser Appraiser apps now use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to find automobile VIN numbers within large patterns of text. You can pull VINs out of printed paper, emails, texts and more, complimenting our superior barcode reader. Damaged codes, challenging lighting conditions, or harsh environments, Laser Appraiser outperforms the competition.

Scan Faster... just point your device to another screen, a piece of paper, an automotive VIN plate or barcode, or even legible handwriting and Laser Appraiser will automatically read the VIN.

Save time with accurate results on the spot using Laser Appraiser!

Laser Appraiser VIN Scanner
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Research Remotely

The Laser Appraiser Mobile app for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets delivers expert Pricing Guides, trusted Market Reports, and detailed Vehicle Histories at your fingertips... anytime... anywhere. Combining the best features of those dedicated, single-use apps, Laser Appraiser is the all-in-one mobile solution for building the complete picture of each vehicle profile.

Discover value anywhere with Laser Appraiser!

Predict Bargains

Covering auctions nationwide, Laser Appraiser gives you the most accurate and frequently updated Auction Run Lists available. Always be at the best auction and in the best lane to find the best vehicle buys that will resonate with your home town buyers.

Enjoy Big Auction Savings - Know the bargains and where to find them before your competitors with Laser Appraiser!

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Integrate Inventory

Bargain inventory leads to sales, which leads to profits... the mobile Laser Appraiser VIN Scanner valuation app maximizes ROI, building your store inventory with integration support into market-leading Inventory Management Systems. Whether it is Laser Appraiser Desktop, First Look, or Dealer Track, Laser Appraiser has you covered by finding the best deals before they get into your inventory, and maximizing efficiencies after.

Join with us and let us work together to Exit Profitably!

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