Laser Appraiser Website Promotion

Earn free Laser Appraiser.
Promote the Laser Appraiser website!

Website Promotion Discount Program

The very foundation of everything we do at Laser Appraiser begins with finding better ways to serve our customers. That’s why we are proud to introduce our Laser Appraiser website promotion program where you can earn a discount on your monthly subscription from Laser Appraiser.

On your website, simply post our logo with a link to the Laser Appraiser website ( to receive your monthly discount. Unlike affiliate programs, our website promotion program does not require you to get other customers to sign up in order to earn your reward. Simply post our logo and a link to our website, from your site, to get your discount. It’s that easy!

For most webmasters, this process will not require very much time nor effort. It is a very simple task for almost any webmaster to add our logo with a link to Laser Appraiser from your website. Experienced webmasters should be able to execute this task in about 5 to 10 minutes.

If you choose to participate in our website promotion program, you will earn free Laser Appraiser for a month! This is just our way to show our customers the appreciation they deserve. Simply contact us to get started today!

Logos and Visuals

The Laser Appraiser logo should be presented in the exact manner as found in the following files. Please maintain at least 30px of visual margin between the Laser Appraiser logo and other assets.


The following iconography can be applied to watermark photographs or other visuals. Please only use the following iconography if the aforemented Laser Appraiser logo is present.


Use the colors below for all thematic presentation of the Laser Appraiser brand. The gradation can be used behind any product presentation, app screenshot, or to offset sections.