Used Car Consumer Insights

Purchasing a car can be a major life decision – when buying a car, consumers are making a commitment that this vehicle is the right fit for their lifestyle for the years to come. It is quite a financial commitment as well. That being said, there are several things that consumers do before they even start shopping for used cars that can make the process less daunting. As the owner of a used car dealership, it would be good to know what information consumers walk into your store with so that you can be better prepared to match them with their dream car.

Credit Score

Credit can play a huge role in what purchasing decisions buyers can make. Consumers will probably know their credit score and the implications of it before they walk through your doors;

Pre-approved Auto Loan

Consumers want to know what they can afford and what interest rates they can qualify for. Having a budget narrows down the range of cars that they can afford. This also helps employees at the dealership tremendously – now you have a better understanding of what kinds of cars you can show them;

Car Needs Checklist

Consumers may walk into your store with a checklist of what they are looking for in a car already. Instead of trying to sway opinions, conform to what they already want. Ask what sort of requirements they have in mind before starting to show them new cars so that the buyer feels like you aren’t wasting their time showing them cars that they aren’t interested in.

Buy Less Popular, Reliable Cars

Tips that consumers may see around the Internet include buying less popular cars in order to save money. This is helpful for those working at a used car dealership – tips like these may be what get consumers to look at your inventory! As a salesperson, don’t be afraid to show cars that aren’t as flashy or loud. Sometimes, buyers are just looking for reliability, and that’s what you are there to provide.

Car Pros and Cons

Consumers may be taking notes on the cars that they see online or in person. You can use their notes to help guide them toward a car that would be best for them!

Keep your own great notes. Then review them the next time the shopper returns or calls. Laser Appraiser Dealer Studio tracks your customers with you.

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